CenExel HRI Locations

Our Affiliate Locations

CenExel HRI’s affiliate Advocare Berlin has 3 locations in South Jersey with a patient population of 65,000 and growing!

Research Unit 1

  • Outpatient CNS and Addiction
  • 5 Exam Rooms
  • 5 Rater Rooms
  • Administrative Offices

Research Unit 2

  • Secured Inpatient and Local Lab
  • Up to 40 Semi-Private Beds
  • 2 Rating Rooms
  • Nurse’s Station
  • Common Area with Computers
  • Game Room
  • Secured Outdoor Area

Research Unit 3

  • 6 Exam Rooms
  • X-ray, Dexa Scan and Ultrasound

All locations have CLIA Waiver Lab, Pharmacy, Coordinator, Regulatory Offices and Monitor Rooms


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